About Our Display Sites

Go.See.Do.Media continues to develop, and manages a vast network of the best located brochure display sites across South Africa.

Go.See.Do.Media ensures that all advertisers’ brochures we manage are on display – not in cupboards, under counters, or in boxes in back storerooms. To achieve this Go.See.Do.Media either erects one of its striking display boards or it manages the in-house display facilities.

Typical display sites include tourist accommodation (hotels, guest houses and superior bed and breakfast establishments), tourist information centres, game farms, boating excursions, action and adventure activities, car rentals, forex outlets, selected retail outlets, airports, bus stations, filling stations and restaurants.

Each site is classified according to a number of criteria, and this allows Go.See.Do.Media representatives to determine which display sites are appropriate to host the display of any particular brochure.

Host a Display Board Tourism Information is ‘HOT’ property

Let Go.See.Do.Media install and manage a brochure display board at your place of business. The benefits to you:

  • Pulls visitors to your establishment;
  • Forms an organised centre of information for visitors to your establishment;
  • Adds a further ‘service dimension’ to your product;
  • Supports existing communication initiatives
  • Encourages guests to do more or stay longer
  • Further augments your own professionalism
  • Is serviced regularly with interesting and relevant information by Go.See.Do.Media’s specially trained team of distribution agents;
  • Our boards can compliment your décor.

Let a Go.See.Do.Media representative advise you on how we can assist you to host a display board.