Brochures make the sale

Brochures are a vital part of the tourism marketing mix, speaking directly to customers at the critical point where they are making a buying decision.

International research has found that over half the people who take brochures, report that brochures have influenced their purchase or plans, even facilitating people to change their plans while travelling.

When compared to other advertising mediums, brochures provide the most ‘immediately available’ on-hand, detailed information, contacts and visuals.

In short, brochures form a critical part of an integrated marketing strategy and are an extremely cost-effective and high impact advertising solution.

How do our clients know brochures are working?

A world class operating system ensures clients receive detailed information on the distribution, movement and replenishment of their brochures at their selected display sites.

There is flexibility to suit every budget and marketing strategy.

InternetRelatively inexpensive once-offNeed marketing to drive searches to site, usually via some general enquiryNot targeted, only reaches those who find siteAssists to build brand but needs to be additionally marketed
Lamppost/BinExpensiveFlash by – need repetitionStatic thus not targetedWeak contributor dependent on repetition
Magazine AdvertisingExpensiveDependent on readership profilePartially dependent on reader profileAssists to build brand
BrochuresInexpensive once-offAlways visibleEasily targeted, easily adjustedAssists to build brand
RadioExpensiveFlash by – need repetitionPartially dependant on listener profileAssists to build brand but needs to be repetitive
Specials/EventsRelatively inexpensivePoor – usually once-offLimited duration appeal but not directed at sustainable clienteleAssists to build brand but needs to be repetitive


Among the findings are that brochures remain one of the most commonly used tourist information sources, that once a traveler leaves home, brochures become the top planning tool, and brochures play a greater role than the internet in influencing the decisions of tourists who have already left home.

International Research has proven the effectiveness of brochures

The International Association of Professional Brochure Distributors has undertaken research on the effectiveness of brochures.

Consider the following statistics:

  • 40% of tourists say that tourist maps and brochures influence unplanned stops;
  • 32% of tourists say travel brochures are the most trusted information source;
  • 65% of tourists used brochure display racks during their trip.

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